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Stick Hero

Stick Hero: Stick Hero is an addictive distance game where you guide a little stick man from platform to platform. How to play Stick Hero? Stretch the stick to the correct size in order to reach the next platform. Enjoy!

Fly with Rope

Fly with Rope: Swing from building to building in this super fun game Fly with Rope! Just throw your rope to the next building and keep flying 'till you get to the end. And most important... DoON'T FalL DOWN! Have fun!

Tundra Run

Tundra Run: Run through the Tundra, Run! In this addicting jump and run game you have navigate the silver sled dog through the dreadful winter landscape of the Tundra. Avoid boxes, hop over ice-covered stones and flee from the flood wave. The more obstacl

Drive Your Car

Drive Your Car: Drive Your Car is an endless top-view racing game inspired by Crazy Taxi. Object of the game is to drive as long as possible while dodging other cars. Change the track or jump over other vehicles to avoid crashes.

Computer Slacking

It's sunny outside but Sarah is stuck in the school library typing up an important essay. Being sat on the computer and typing away is dull work... Can Sarah liven up her homework and have fun by slacking and playing on the

Princess Anna Real Makeover

Coming to a whole new world of beauty treatments with princess Anna! Apply creams , masks and etc to give her a makeover, then make up her. Finally, pick a royal outfit for her. Oh, Anna will have a complete new look. Enjoy!

Elsa's Afternoon Tea

Enjoy your wonderful time. You can also check out other dress up games, makeover games, etc in other categories.

Dora Needs Tools

Dora and her dear friends want to plant some beautiful flowers and vegetables in the farm, but they don't have tools! They need your help! Come to help them to find tools!

Same Game Charged

Same Game is served to you with a new electrifying twist and even more action.

Crazy Parking

Crazy Parking: Crazy Parking is a simple 2D car parking game for mobile devices. Select a car and jump into your parking lot with as less tries as possible. Enjoy this game on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Tablet or any other mobile device!


Shoot the kryptonite shards that are in the air as you hover on your board as Batdog.

Elsa And Anna Paris Shopping

Let's go to the fashion capital ’Paris’ shopping together with Elsa and Anna. Beautiful clothes, fashion bags and shoes, cute umbrellas, hats, everything is here! Enjoy!

Sue Candy Eater

Build the path for Sue so she can collect all candies.

Gems Planet

Space themed match three game with gems.

Elsa Dressing Room

Elsa is going to a fashion party, please help her prepare for the party! So, let's open her dressing room. Oh, so many beautiful dresses! Pick the perfect outfit for her and then match with fashion shoes and bags. Wish her a good time! Enjoy!

Elsa Fairy

Frozen Elsa is invited to attend a masquerade ball, she thinks dressing up as a magic fairy princess is a fantastic idea. At first, she needs to makeup, then design the prettiest fariy costume, adding fantasy wings. There are lots of other stunning fairy

Anna And Elsa First Halloween

It's time to go to the Halloween party for Elsa and Anna, and they want to become charming Halloween girls! Pick their traditional Halloween costume clothes and choose charming accessories for them! Please dress up them!

Demons vs Fairyland

A tower defence game from armor games that combines classic TD with new features. Defend fairyland with demon towers, upgrade them, and keep building more to repel all the invaders from the holy land.

Tom Hospital Recovery

Oh! So bad! Tom injured himself accidentally and now you must get him to the hospital. Be his doctor and give him the right medicine for the pain. Getting rid of all those fishbones can really hurt, but it will help you treat his wounds better. Let's begi

Grand Theft Counter Strike

Play as a grand theft in the counter strike game. Shoot with accuracy and speed to kill all opponents in each level.

Toby's Adventures

Collect all the food and reach the door to finish the level. Break bricks, avoid obstacles and enemies on your way.

Racing Road Block

Do you remember Cars? Now, Lightning McQueen is crazy driving in the street, it's too dangerous! Can you help him to avoid other vehicles and road blocks, and collect gold coins? Be careful not to crash!

Frozen Elsa Modern Fashion

Elsa, the elegant Snow Queen, and now she came to the modern city. She also wants to be a fashion girl, she needs your help! Open the wardrobe to her selection of beautiful clothes, the right shoes, and then match with stylish earrings, necklaces, bags. p

Monster Rush

Monster Rush is an interesting h5 game really need your reaction. You need to control a cute monster to collect as many candies as you can. Be careful with those deadly obstacles or you will die.

Zootopia Judy Doctor

Zootopia's Judy is accidentally injured when she is catching the criminal. Can you give her a treatment? Please help her clean the wound and apply the magical cream to the affected areas, then strap up the wound. Wait a moment, before cleaning the cream.

Target Hunt

It's time to practice target shooting. There are 50 bullets providing for you. Shoot targets and cans to get more scores!

Death Worm

Meet the highly anticipated Flash version of the ORIGINAL Death Worm game.

Traffic Madness

Traffic Madness: Watch and manage all vehicles at the crossways to avoid the pure Traffic Madness. Stay alert for conflicts as you push on or stop the cars early enough before any of them can collide. Much fun!


Swooop: Aye capt'n, your plane is fueled and ready to go. Come swoop! Hop into the cockpit of your vintage biplane ready for takeoff. Fly around the environment and collect lots of precious treasures, but be careful not to crash yourself to early in this

Art Of War 2

You are Sergeant Sokolov, a Soviet soldier taking part in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. Your objective is to purge the city from the invading fascists. Make use of the reinforcements at your disposal (officer, infantry, machinegunner, mortar team) to

Classic Bowling

Classic Bowling: Classic Bowling is a cool bowling game brought to you by Be precise and give the ball the power and effect you need to blow the pins away. Hit strike after strike and let time pass by! Enjoy!

Tiny Jelly

Tiny Jelly: Another fun and colorful match-3 puzzle game that challenges you to get rid of some tiny jelly faces. Just slide your finger over adjacent, same-colored jellies to create a chain of 3 or more to clear them. Play with strategy to make score and


Throw bombs, rocks & explosives to push programmers out of the way & kill video game monsters.

Bubble Trouble

Play Bubble Trouble Game and safely guide Violet through Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter is a super cool game in which you must kill all the zombies, direct hits of bullets, as well as the rebound! Share what you’re capable of and destroy all the zombies as fast as possible! Tap to shoot! Enjoy the game!

Brownie Torte

I think Brownie Torte has to be one of my favorite. Why don't you join me in this game and learn how to make the gorgeous Brownie Torte!

Treasure Hunt

Any fan of Bejeweled will thoroughly enjoy this fun and deceptively simple game where you match treasures and then make them disappear.

Touchdown Blast

Touchdown Blast: Get ready to score a fantastic touchdown with this funny football game "Touchdown Blast"! Run through a football field, avoid all obstacles and enemies to take the ball into the opposite end zone. You can also tackle enemies using your da


Little bees has been buzzing here and there everyday to extract honey for a whole summer. Now it's time for a good harvest! There are plenty of honey storing in the hives. Please help the beekeeper to gather honey. Try to gather honey from every comb by l


Try your luck with your aim. Score the bulls Eye, and be on the top scorers list! Darts is sure a big challenge. May the best shooter win!

Epic Boss Fighter 2

After our hero Blast conquered 10 bosses from his previous encounter, another wave of epic bosses came down to earth to cause chaos and destruction. This time these bosses doubled their numbers and are way bigger and badder! Totally unique bosses with dif

Warzone Battle

In this fighting game you have to shoot the targets that are moving around the assault courses. You should hit enough targets to progress to the next level.

Eggs and Cars

Eggs and Cars: Loaded with one giant, easily breakable egg you have to drive your pick up-truck across the bumpy road at the highest speed possible. Your goal in this fun-addicting Html5- racing game is to reach the maximum distanc

Jelly Pop

Swap the jelly to make it pop anywhere on the line, either horizontally or vertically. Try to create groups of 3 or more. There are four, fun games modes

Yodo Memory

Yodo memory game is an online game similar to traditional memory games, so you should try to memorize the position of fruit and you can group them in as few attempts.

Alien Kindergarten

Alien Kindergarten: Ooh, poor alien mother is totally tired. You could breed the eggs for her and send the brute to the alien kindergarten so that she can take a rest. Therefore you must untangle all red lines, so that none of them are crossing each other

Sly Fox

This clever fox is no match for your farm fresh puzzle-solving skills!Pass each level of this physics game by removing the target number of stone blocks from the puzzle with your hammer. Make sure to keep the fragile egg resting safely on one of the soft

Rocket parking

Hi, Viewers its different type of parking for you! You have to park the Rocket in the parking lot at the space. Avoid hitting with any obstacles on the way and keep proceeding to the greater levels. You have to do the given task before the time runs out o


SpeedManiac: Are you a speed maniac? Then hop behind the wheels of your car and compete other drivers in this frantic racing game Speedmaniac. Win all tournaments to gain money and purchase vehicles that you've never ever dared to imagine. Much fun!

King of Thieves

King of Thieves: Take on the roll of the King of Thieves and find a way to get to the treasure in every level of this fun platform puzzle game. Make the little sneaky guy run and jump with perfect timing to avoid all deadly traps and enemies until you get

Dirt Bike 2

Drive over objects as you balance your bike. Harder than most bike balancing games of this style.

Slenderman Saw

This spoof horror point’n'click game is all about to free Slenderman from the clutches of Pigsaw. Hell yeah! You play as the victim. Search the area carefully to gain items and hints. Interact with objects and solve all puzzles in the Slenderman Saw Game

Cars Traffic Control

Do you still remember the "Lightning" McQueen of the Cars? Today McQueen will experience the work of the traffic police, he needs to command the chaos traffic. As an expert, can you help him?

Halloween Mahjong Connect

HALLOWEEN Mahjong Connect - Match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the the board and reveal the tiles under or next to them. The game is over when you have removed all tiles from the stage. If you are stuck click on the shuffle button to shuff

Cross Clear

A new way to play a match game. Try to find same color blocks which are cross linked. Be careful that wrong click will reduce your time or your scores.

Clan Attack

Many dangerous ninjas want to kill you, what you need to do in this game Clan Attack is kill all of them and survive as long as you can. Throw your sword in hand to them when they land, have a good time!

Do You Know Flash Games

Test your knowledge of released flash games as you answer questions that grow in difficulty.

Angel Escape 2 Game

Hello Friends.! We are back with the Bed time Stories again..! Hope you would have enjoyed our previous stories. Lets continue with the rest of them. It's the same.! Imagine how it would be, if you become a part in the fairy tale while just reading it! To

Hambo 2

Skillfully use the weapons at your disposal to eliminate the gangster pigs in each level!


Once upon a time there was a priest who died and went to heaven. God asked him for his help, and he became an exorcist. In this new game, you have to collect hats, weapons, and accessories to locate the Holy Cat and destroy the forces of evil!

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